Symphony is orchestrating a market leading portfolio of investments and initiatives, consolidating and pairing ‘on the ground’ capability with institutional capital markets to accelerate Australia's transition to renewable energy.

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The Challenge:

Australian Federal and State Governments have committed to net zero emissions.

A rapid transition to renewable energy is essential for fulfilling this promise and mitigating future environmental consequences, however significant bottlenecks are hindering investment and execution of new projects.

Our Impact:

Symphony has assembled a world class multi-disciplinary leadership team bringing together decades of experience in global financial markets, manufacturing, construction, and energy infrastructure development.

Guided by industry veterans and innovators, Symphony is orchestrating a market-leading portfolio of investments and initiatives to eliminate bottlenecks and lead the renewable energy sector into a new era. Symphony Infrastructure Partners Pty Ltd

Our Capabilities:

A portfolio of leading Australian infrastructure services companies, with over 90 years of experience in developing, delivering and operating complex power infrastructure across Australia.

A specialist provider of network connection infrastructure services, built to allow clean energy producers and large-scale energy consumers to focus on their core business. 

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